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Re-introducing the Nashville Banner

On Feb. 20, 1998, Gannett bought and immediately shut down the Nashville Banner.

Since that day, the number of journalists in Nashville has been cut by more than two-thirds, even as the city and surrounding area have enjoyed explosive growth.

It’s time to do something.

So in 2020, Nashville Banner will re-launch as a non-partisan, nonprofit, civic news organization. We hope to finish initial fundraising before summer so that we may begin publishing online later this year.

Some questions you might have …

What news will the Banner cover?

At its core, we will cover the kind of news that will help you make decisions when you step into a voting booth. How are our taxes being spent? Who are the people, institutions, companies and organizations that affect our lives? Are the persons in power accountable for the decisions they are making? We believe that the digital age has given us more and more commentary about the news, but less and less actual information. We expect to begin with reporters focused on Metro government, the courts, Capitol Hill and state government, education, business, and criminal justice. We will add coverage areas over time, but the biggest need right now is for civic news.

Why does the Banner need to raise money?

Quality local news is expensive. It requires hiring good people and giving them the time and resources to do their jobs. We are raising a few years worth of startup capital in order to give us the runway necessary to build a sustainable organization. If you are interested and have the ability to help us reach our goal, email us at

How will it work?

We will publish a free, digital, locally-focused website with no paywall. In addition we will offer uniquely Nashville newsletters, podcasts and videos. We will offer memberships to help support our work. In addition to grant writing, we will offer sponsorships. The Banner's parent, a nonprofit Tennessee company, has filed paperwork with the IRS under to attain status as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

Who is behind the Nashville Banner?

Steve Cavendish is the president and editor. A 25-year veteran of newspapers including the Chicago Tribune and The Washington Post, Steve returned to Nashville in 2011 and edited both The City Paper and Nashville Scene.

Demetria Kalodimos is the executive producer. She is a household name in Nashville, having anchored and reported news for 34 years at the city’s first television station, WSMV. She has won many of the most prestigious awards in broadcast journalism and has produced feature-length documentaries and programs for the festival circuit and nationally on PBS.

What can I do?

Give us your email below. As we get closer to launch, we will let you know about events, staff additions and how you can become a member.

Thank you,

Steve and Demetria