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Candidate: Matt Wiltshire

Ad: “First Day”


Matt Wiltshire: Our daughter, Maria, is about to start kindergarten. 

Cristina: We have many of the same concerns most parents have. 

Wiltshire: Will she get the same great education I got when I went to Metro public schools? We’re asking our teachers to do too much. 

Wife: And we’re giving them too little to do it with. 

Wiltshire: I believe it’s time to get our students and teachers what they need. If we do, we can make our public schools the very best in America. Right, Maria?

Maria: Yeah, dad!

Narrator: Matt Wiltshire for Mayor.

Maria: That was great.

Analysis: Wiltshire’s third television ad of the season focuses on education, putting an emphasis on his connections with Metro Nashville Public Schools through the featuring of his daughter Maria. Wiltshire’s time attending Nashville public schools as a kid has been a heavy aspect of his campaign so far, as he seeks to become more personable through his local connections — a connection that the other biggest spender of the pack, Jim Gingrich, can not claim. At 30 seconds, Wiltshire doesn’t get time to present much in the way of a plan, but is clearly trying to emphasize providing more funding to public schools. Wiltshire and Gingrich are still the only two candidates thus far to spend the big bucks on TV ads. 

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