YouTube video

Candidate: Alice Rolli

Ad: “New Leader”

Transcript: “With this election, we can reject the recipe book that has failed cities: Higher taxes, higher crime, failing schools. To do that takes electing a new kind of leader: Alice Rolli. Nashville native, business leader, wife of a combat veteran. She’s not here to defend the downtown crowd, and she won’t raise your taxes. Alice is ready to go to work for us. Alice Rolli, for mayor of Nashville.” 

Analysis: As the highest-profile Republican running for a mayoral seat typically held by Democrats, Rolli continues to try to distinguish herself as the pro-police, anti-tax candidate in this ad. The ad comes just a few days after a newsletter from her treasurer David Fox — who appears in the ad— where he called this election “the last chance to save our city,” referred to the other candidates as “Megan Berry 2.0” and attempted to make the point that Rolli is the only possible option. The ad, which features footage shot three months ago and used in a previous spot, associates some of the problems of a fast-growing city — crime, increased taxes and a chaotic downtown — with previous leadership, which were all Democrats. Unlike the previous ad, “New Leader” has a much quicker pace to it, with faster cuts and more upbeat music. But it’s still basically an introduction ad for Rolli built around personal identity and themes rather than specific policies.

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