YouTube video

Ad: “Dad”

Candidate: Jim Gingrich

Transcript: “I’m Jim Gingrich and this is my dad. He’s 91 years old and taught me how to drive a hard bargain — like when he paid me three cents to do a load of laundry. Dad’s a PowerPoint whiz and he wanted to help me make the case against spending more than $100 million on a NASCAR racetrack. 

[Dad starts showing slides] 

Just like the stadium deal, it’s bad for Nashville. As mayor, I would use money like that to build affordable housing, hire more police and invest in our schools. Anything more Dad?”

[Dad clicks one last slide: “NOT RELATED TO NEWT GINGRICH”]

Analysis: After opposing the Titans’ stadium plan, Gingrich has now gone all-in against a significant refurbishment of the Fairgrounds Speedway. He would put the funds toward other priorities, notably police and schools. The money doesn’t work like that — the deal is based on revenue bonds tied to lease payments and taxes generated by the track — but the spot is effective in showing what Gingrich’s priorities would be as mayor. And his 91-year-old dad is a star, combining with an up-tempo score to create an energetic commercial. It’s the work of Putnam Partners, who have produced ads for six different presidential campaigns, including Presidents Obama and Biden. There’s a high amount of polish and both the editing and foley work (for the sound effects) are top-notch. One local political strategist called it “Classic Putnam. Probably the best ad of any candidate thus far.”

Where can you see it: Broadcast TV, cable and streaming

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