Candidate: Sandra Sepulveda

Metro Council District 30


Occupation: “I am the Community Engagement and Development Manager at Conexion Americas.”

Previous candidacy/offices held: “Metro Council District 30”

Community experience: “I have volunteered with local nonprofits and am the District councilmember.”

What will be your top three priorities on the Council?


Our district is a community, and our community deserves solid infrastructure that enhances our way of life. We need sidewalks to keep our residents safe. There are areas where many residence walk to locally owned business. They should not fear the possibility of being hit by a car. District 30 deserves to be a walkable neighborhood just like other parts of town. 

When it comes to zoning, we need to keep the community involved as much as possible so we can continue to grow our community without losing what makes us special. We must continue to push for development that works for the community and that also means more affordable housing. 


It is important to me that the families that live in the district are able to spend as much time as possible with their family and loved ones. There are steps we can take in our district to make the commuting process smoother. Our neighbors and our children deserve to be safe while waiting for the bus. I will work to make sure as many bus stops in our district have a covered bench. I will work with WeGo to increase the frequency of bus routes in our district. We must build on our existing resources and make them better for our community.    


Nashville should work for it’s workers. Nashville is one of the most dangerous cities to work in when it comes to construction in the south. We will continue to fight until all worksites are safe, wage theft does not exist, and people are paid living wages.”

District candidates only: What is the biggest issue facing your district? How would you approach it?

“Basic infrastructure has always been an issue in the District. We need better stormwater and more sidewalks. We need safe ways to get to bus stops and paved roads. We forget that something as simple as a sidewalk can change someone’s everyday life.” 

Much of the city’s developmental focus, like plans for a new East Bank, have focused on downtown. What’s your vision for downtown?

“My main focus is District 30. My county wide vision would be a level of investment in all parts of the city.” 

Did you or would you have voted to approve the new Titans stadium financing legislation?

“I did not vote for the Titans Stadium.”

Does Metro need more police officers beyond the unfilled positions?

“There is a Southeast Percent that should be coming along soon. That should help with work load. We should be exploring other forms of policing that has been proven to work in other cities.”

What do you think of the current framework passed by the council around LPR (license plate readers) usage? Do you think Metro should allow facial recognition technology to be used downtown?

“I am against LPRs. They are an invasion of privacy and have been known for misreads. There is also several instances of data being misused. ICE can also subpoena records.”  

Do you think a property tax rate adjustment will be needed in the next 4 years? Why or why not?

“It is hard to know but I will vote however necessary to assure trash is picked up, roads are paved, teachers can do their job, and the city continues to run.”

Do you view your role in the Council as leading your district on issues or simply reflecting the views of the district’s residents?

“Both. There are uses I may lead on that might not directly impact my district but are still important. I nevertheless will always be the biggest advocate for my district. I’ve lived here since I was 5. This is home and these are my people. They deserve the best.”

How do you view the relationship of the city and Council to the General Assembly in the face of adverse legislation from the state?

“We were elected to advocate for this city and that is what I intend to do every time.” 

The city is experiencing an affordability crisis. What is the council’s role in creating more housing for buyers and renters in Nashville?

“We need to build more housing. We must provide multiple housing options and we must fully fund the barnes fund. Every deal being voted on in this city should include affordable housing.”

What improvements do you think WeGo should make during the next four years? Would you back creation of a dedicated funding source?

“We must create a dedicated funding source. Other cities have figured it out and we should too. We need to expand our WeGo services (hours and bus lines). We need to also incorporate better accessibility (language, auditory,)”

Second-quarter campaign finance disclosure

Raised: $2,393

Spent: $10,335

Cash on hand: -$7,942

Link to full disclosure here

Pre-General campaign finance disclosure

Raised: $1,275

Spent: $3,372

Cash on hand: $15,362

Link to full disclosure here