Candidate: Howard Jones

Metro Council At-Large


Occupation: “As a high school principal and senior pastor, my job involves a lot of responsibility and requires me to wear many different hats. On the one hand, I am responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the school and ensuring that students are receiving a high-quality education. This includes managing staff, developing and implementing policies, and working closely with parents and community members to build a strong school culture.

On the other hand, as a senior pastor, my job is to provide spiritual guidance and support to members of my congregation. This includes leading worship services, providing pastoral counseling, and organizing community outreach initiatives. Overall, I see my job as a principal and pastor as a unique opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of others and help them achieve their full potential.”

Previous candidacy/offices held: “none”

Community experience: “I have experience in creating affordable housing and establishing Kingdom Cafe, an 8,000-square-foot restaurant located in the 37208 zip code. The restaurant provides employment opportunities and contributes to the economic development of North Nashville.”

What will be your top three priorities on the Council?

“1. Community Safety 

2. Fully-Fund Education

3. Affordable Housing for all”

Much of the city’s developmental focus, like plans for a new East Bank, have focused on downtown. What’s your vision for downtown?

“My vision for downtown is to keep it safe, sustain the robust growth, and create a more diverse/inclusive growth throughout the city.” 

Did you or would you have voted to approve the new Titans stadium financing legislation?


Does Metro need more police officers beyond the unfilled positions?


What do you think of the current framework passed by the council around LPR (license plate readers) usage? Do you think Metro should allow facial recognition technology to be used downtown?

“Keeping Nashville safe is crucial for growth and shaping a better future. LPR is a preventive measure for keeping Nashville safe. FR should be used along with culturally competent community police teaming.” 

Do you think a property tax rate adjustment will be needed in the next 4 years? Why or why not?

“No new taxes. Maintain the grow and remain responsible with the financial growth we have experienced over the past four years.”

Do you view your role in the Council as leading your district on issues or simply reflecting the views of the district’s residents?


How do you view the relationship of the city and Council to the General Assembly in the face of adverse legislation from the state?

“Local government is best governance. The General Assembly must not tread on our city. We must have a strong Council that has a vision to fight for the great people in Nashville.”

The city is experiencing an affordability crisis. What is the council’s role in creating more housing for buyers and renters in Nashville?

“Leadership must have vision or the people will suffer. The Council conceived a two billion dollar plan for football and I believe that we can conceive at least 1 billion dollar plan to create affordable housing for all.” 

What improvements do you think WeGo should make during the next four years? Would you back creation of a dedicated funding source?

“WeGo must develop a strategic plan to reflect the growth of Nashville. SMART goals are necessary for a greater Nashville. I would back a dedicated funding source for better a better mass transit solution for our city.”  

Second quarter campaign finance disclosure

Raised: $12,226

Spent: $11,267

Cash on hand: $959

Link to full disclosure here

Pre-General campaign finance disclosure

Did not file