Candidate: R.J. Mamula


Occupation: “I am an inventory auditor for Under Armour”

Previous candidacy/offices held: “None”

Community experience: “Donelson Lions Club, Secretary of Davidson County Democratic Party. Donelson Presbyterian Church”

What will be your top three priorities on the Council?

“​​Tackling the homeless crisis, stop using funds to line the pockets of big corporations,  improve public safety.”

What is the biggest issue facing your district? How would you approach it?

“District residents have expressed concerns about homelessness and the lack of sufficient police presence.” 

Much of the city’s developmental focus, like plans for a new East Bank, have focused on downtown. What’s your vision for downtown?

“I think downtown can and should be a source of tourist revenue to serve the needs of Nashville residents.”

Did you or would you have voted to approve the new Titans stadium financing legislation?


Does Metro need more police officers beyond the unfilled positions?

“Let’s focus on getting the infilled positions filled, then we will have a better idea.”

What do you think of the current framework passed by the council around LPR (license plate readers) usage? Do you think Metro should allow facial recognition technology to be used downtown?

“Absolutely not!”

Do you think a property tax rate adjustment will be needed in the next 4 years? Why or why not?

“In principle, I think property taxes in general are antiquated and should be replaced by a local income tax, which is more fair.”

Do you view your role in the Council as leading your district on issues or simply reflecting the views of the district’s residents?

“Leading. I have been listening to the concerns of my district to better represent them but I also want to bring my own ideas to the table.”

How do you view the relationship of the city and Council to the General Assembly in the face of adverse legislation from the state?

“It is not a healthy relationship at this time. The general assembly is biting the hand that feeds it.”

The city is experiencing an affordability crisis. What is the council’s role in creating more housing for buyers and renters in Nashville?

“Increasing funding for the Barnes fund, incentivizing developers to build affordable instead of luxury housing and eliminating the red tape that keeps the affordable housing developers from doing business in Nashville.”

What improvements do you think WeGo should make during the next four years? Would you back creation of a dedicated funding source?

“I think the bus services should be expanded. Yes I do support a dedicated funding source.”

Second-quarter campaign finance disclosure

Raised: $3,140

Spent: $1,790

Cash on hand: $3,900

Link to full disclosure here

Pre-General campaign finance disclosure

Raised: $4,020

Spent: $2,249

Cash on hand: $23,621

Link to full disclosure here