Candidate: Jasper Hendricks, III

Metro Council District 19


Occupation: “Independent Consultant”

Previous candidacy/offices held: “Commissioner & Vice Chair of the Nashville Fair Board of Commissioners, 2016 Presidential Elector for the Commonwealth (State) of Virginia”

Community experience: “Mayor’s Neighborhood Academy (2021/2022)

Sheriff’s Citizen Academy (2023)

Fundraising Committee for the Matthew Walker Health Clinic (2019-present)

Chair, Davidson County Democratic Black Caucus (2021-present)

Board Member, Policy Center for Maternal Mental Health (2021-present)

Executive Committee Member, Davidson County Democratic Party (2018-present)”

What will be your top three priorities on the Council?

“Public Safety; Accessibility; and Affordability”

What is the biggest issue facing your district? How would you approach it?

“While talking to neighbors, I hear various issues such as “transportainment” vehicles, implementing suitable development projects, and lack of programming to help people succeed.   As the district representative, I would facilitate open and consistent dialogue with residents, agency directors, and others who may be impacted to determine the best solutions.  There is no “one-size fits all” approach to issues that affect groups of people.”

Much of the city’s developmental focus, like plans for a new East Bank, have focused on downtown. What’s your vision for downtown?

“My vision is for a safe yet fun downtown accessible and affordable for all of Nashville through smart, balanced, and responsible development.  This means several things, such as that as we continue to develop, all sidewalks should be clear for pedestrians, especially those with disabilities.  This vision also includes more collaboration on housing programs that encourage affordable housing so that people can have the option to live near where they work and employment programs helping to build a workforce in industries critical to the success of our city, like hospitality.   My vision also includes a Nashville that encourages as many voices as possible to come to the table to share ideas to create a shared vision.”

Did you or would you have voted to approve the new Titans stadium financing legislation?

“Yes, the final Titans stadium financing legislation that the Metro Council approved was the best deal presented to the Council and allows the City of Nashville to invest more into our schools and other critical infrastructure needs than ever before.”

Does Metro need more police officers beyond the unfilled positions?

“As the Chief of Police, I believe Chief Drake’s recommendation for his department’s budget is based on what he feels he needs to succeed.”

What do you think of the current framework passed by the council around LPR (license plate readers) usage? Do you think Metro should allow facial recognition technology to be used downtown?

“I appreciate that the current LPR program is a study to collect data before implementing it as a permanent program.  Tennessee currently allows for limited use of facial recognition. With the prevalence of AI and advanced detection technologies, we should explore and anticipate the need for tightened privacy and facial recognition regulations. However, collaborating with a diverse group of non-governmental organizations and stakeholders will be essential when designing a policy to achieve broader community buy-in.”

Do you think a property tax rate adjustment will be needed in the next 4 years? Why or why not?

“Property tax appraisals happen in TN on average every six years, and one may be needed within the next four years to see if the current property tax rate is fair.”

Do you view your role in the Council as leading your district on issues or simply reflecting the views of the district’s residents?

“As the district representative, you should lead on the issues impacting the people you are elected to serve while considering their views in developing solutions.”

How do you view the relationship of the city and Council to the General Assembly in the face of adverse legislation from the state?

“The relationship between our Council and the General Assembly needs repair to continue to thrive as a world-class city that is welcome, accepting, and open to all.”  

The city is experiencing an affordability crisis. What is the council’s role in creating more housing for buyers and renters in Nashville?

“The council’s role is to develop legislation that encourages affordable housing development, including creating programs such as workforce housing for public employees.”  

What improvements do you think WeGo should make during the next four years? Would you back creation of a dedicated funding source?

“The only way to improve our public transportation infrastructure will be to identify a dedicated funding source.  As the representative of downtown, I need to see better connectivity to the neighborhoods surrounding Nashville to encourage residents to take advantage of all Downtown Nashville has to offer.”

Second-quarter campaign finance disclosure

Raised: $16,340

Spent: $6,566

Cash on hand: $10,427

Link to full disclosure here

Pre-General campaign finance disclosure

Raised: $13,410

Spent: $21,158

Cash on hand: $2,679

Link to full disclosure here