YouTube video

Ad: “The Ball”

Candidate: Freddie O’Connell

Transcript: O’Connell: “Billionaires and bachelorettes, or us? I’m Freddie O’Connell, the only candidate for mayor to vote against the stadium deal. Tourists and outsiders are getting all the wins. Let’s build a Nashville for Nashvillians again. With expanded childcare, housing we can afford and transit that works. For our community, I never take my eye off the ball.”

Announcer: “Introducing Nashville’s next mayor, Freddie O’Connell.”

Analysis: At a recent mayoral forum, O’Connell said Nashville didn’t need to keep the “Bachelorettes here” sign on. In his first television ad, he continues with a focus on that message, and has some fun with it. The imagery of his supporters, wearing blue Freddie O’Connell t-shirts, huddling up and beating a team of people dressed as bachelorettes and billionaires in a game of football is fun. It’s also a fun game of ‘find the cameo’ of Nashville politicos, with Adam Kleinheider, former state Democratic Chair Mary Mancini, retired judge Bill Higgins, At-Large Councilmember Bob Mendes and former CM Kristine Lalonde all making appearances. Up to now, O’Connell’s only ads have been a digital-only format, and while his heavy online presence has likely helped him pick up a younger demographic, this TV spot could help him break into an older range of voters. 

Where can you see it: Broadcast TV, cable and streaming