YouTube video

Ad: “Walk”

Candidate: Jeff Yarbro 

Transcript: “Walking Kate to school is pretty much the best part of my day. Love our talks, love our jokes. Hate that the threat of gun violence hangs over our goodbyes. I’m Jeff Yarbro. In the senate, I fought my heart out for tougher gun safety laws. As mayor, I’ll put every city agency to work reducing gun violence, and put mental health counselors in every school. I know what’s at stake. For my family, and yours.”

Analysis: Yarbro’s first television ad focuses on gun violence. In the final days of the legislature — when it was clear the Republican supermajority was going to end the session without passing any gun control measures — one of the more memorable moments was an impassioned speech given by Yarbro on the Senate floor, where he was seemingly close to tears. That speech is referenced both in Yarbro’s narration and in some of the footage. While the mayor’s ability to actually do much in the way of preventing gun violence is very limited in such a deeply red state, Yarbro appeals to a more emotional side of voters. It could be effective as at least one poll taken this summer shows gun violence is a top issue with the electorate.  At this point, most of the mayoral candidates have said they will do something about gun violence, so policy-wise this ad doesn’t do much for differentiation. But the image of him and his daughter could be a way to relate to Nashville’s parents. 

Where can you see it: Broadcast TV, cable and streaming