YouTube video

Ad: “Out of Tune”

Candidate: Heidi Campbell

Transcript: “In my twenties, our band toured the world. It was my job to keep us in the pocket. Right now Nashville is out of tune. We need a mayor who will get things sounding right. I’ll take on crime, make our city affordable and pick up the damn trash. I’m Senator Heidi Campbell, and I know how to get Music City back in tune.”

Analysis: The day after getting endorsed on Twitter by Kesha, Heidi Campbell released her first television ad, a little over a week before early voting. The ad definitely stands out from the pack, with Campbell making a call back to her time touring with a band. Her singing can even be heard in the background of her discussing the city’s need for a mayor who will get the city back in tune. (Side note: There’s also the matter of “Music City is out of tune” being used by little-known candidate Stephanie Johnson, but honestly, it’s a music metaphor for Nashville, there’s nothing new to mine in this area.) Outside of pointing out some of the issues voters care most about, she doesn’t actually do much in the way of discussing policy, which this late in the game could have served her well.  At this point all but one of the eight top candidates have released television ads. As per the Tennessee Lookout, the only candidate who has spent less on digital and broadcast advertising than Campbell is Vivian Wilhoite according to FCC filings. If Campbell’s going to make the runoff, it’s likely going to be on the strength of her ground game.

Where can you see it: Broadcast TV.