YouTube video

Ad: “Arnold Hayes for Metro Council At-Large”

Candidate: Arnold Hayes

Transcript: “Better is an improvement on what is. And Nashville can be better. I’m Arnold Hayes, and I would be honored to serve as one of your councilmembers at large, so I can advocate for better housing, better safety initiatives and more. Serving and fighting for justice is in my DNA. Growing up as a child in Lowndes County Alabama during segregation, I witnessed African Americans risk their lives just to run for office. I’m ready to work. For better days, remember to vote for Hayes.”

Analysis: While we’ve seen TV ads from most of the mayoral candidates at this point, retired engineer and past Community Oversight Board member Arnold Hayes is the first candidate running for an at-large council seat who we’ve seen a TV ad from. Some of the ads up to now have had a lot of bells and whistles. But for Hayes, the message is simple: “For better days, vote for Hayes.” The ad mainly works as an introduction, allowing Hayes to get some name ID among voters — a necessity, especially in the at-large race. It’s obviously shot on a budget, staying on one single shot of the candidate in front of a blurred background, with words flashing across the screen as he talks. And policy-wise, the only things you learn from the ad are that he’s a Democrat, he wants better housing and a safer city. But despite the simplicity, he has a charisma that shines through, and his slogan is bound to stick with some. 

Where can you see it: Cable