Ad: “Vivian for Mayor”

Candidate: Vivian WIlhoite

Transcript: “My name is Vivian WIlhoite. I’m running for mayor because people matter. I graduated from Tennessee State University. I’ve been your assessor of property, metro council woman, and I’ve been a mother to two African American boys in a city that hasn’t always seen our worth before our color. That’s why I fought hard to elect representative Justin Jones and why I’m in this race to make all parts of our city strong. I’ll always put Nashville first, and I’ll never be afraid [picks up the phone] to pick up the phone to fight for what is right. [Dials a phone number and speaks into the phone.] ‘Governor Lee, it’s Mayor Vivan, I’m coming over. We need to talk. Thank you Governor.’ [Puts phone down.] Paid for my Vivian for Mayor, Nick Leonardo, treasurer.” [Ending graphic highlights Planned Parenthood endorsement.]

Analysis: Wilhoite looks to differentiate herself through her experience as a councilmember and as Property Assessor. A still image shows Wilhoite with fellow Southeast Nashville politico Justin Jones, the “Tennessee Three” member who was expelled and returned to the House this spring. She appeals to voters as a mother, establishes her longtime involvement in the city, emphasizes her planned parenthood endorsement and shows that she’s willing to communicate with Republicans who run the state. (Although, given the current state of antipathy between Metro and the state, shouldn’t the device Wilhoite is using be a Cold War-style red phone?)

Similar to Hurt and Campbell’s ad campaigns, Wilhoite argues that the candidate’s experience and personality matters more than the policy. Unlike other campaigns, though, this spot was shot on a very low budget, featuring only Wilhoite at a desk and some printed photos. There’s very little polish on the spot, a sign of her lack of fundraising. It might get on TV, but who knows how many people will actually see it?

Where people can see it: Streaming, online.

Addison Wright, a Nashville native, is a student-athlete (swimming) at UNC Asheville, where she's double majoring in Mass Communications and Political Science in the class of 2024.