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Ad: “One Proven

Candidate: Matt Wiltshire

Transcript: [Narrator] “So many candidates for mayor, only one of them is a proven affordable housing leader: Matt Wiltshire.” [Wiltshire] “I’ll bring my affordable housing experience to the mayor’s office and tackle this problem head-on. As mayor, I’ll increase funding for affordable housing, fight to make it easier for low-income seniors to stay in their homes, and I’ll work with the private sector to build more housing that Nashvillians can actually afford. It’s unacceptable when our teachers, police officers and firefighters cannot afford to live in the city they serve.” [Narrator] “New ideas to get Nashville on track — Matt Wiltshire.”

Analysis: There has been a persistent chirping in Wiltshire’s camp about his commercials: They’re too traditional, they’re not clever or they don’t have the emotional pull that some of his competitors’ spots do. John Rowley, his media consultant, has taken a lot of blame after the campaign sunk the second most cash, behind Jim Gingrich, into a months-long broadcast strategy. For all of the complaints, though, this ad hammers an essential message for his campaign: On one of the top issues for Nashvillians, Wiltshire has the experience to be ready on Day One. The themes are aimed broadly at seniors (who vote in the highest numbers) and the middle class (where much of Nashville self-identifies) who have been priced out of the city. It’s not funny. It won’t tug on your heartstrings. But it might be effective. 

Where people can see it: Broadcast, streaming, online.

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