YouTube video

Ad: “We Will”

Candidate: Freddie O’Connell

Transcript: “I’m Freddie O’Connell, and as a lifelong Nashvillian I’m running for Mayor to focus on our community again — with housing we can afford, walkable sidewalks, and Transit that works. I was proud to be the only candidate for mayor to vote against the stadium deal because we’ve focused on toys for tourists for too long. [catches football] It’s time to build a Nashville for Nashvillians again [hands football to daughter].”

O’Connell’s daughter: “Thanks, Dad.”

O’Connell: “And when I’m mayor, we will.”

Daughter: “Come on, Dad!”

Analysis: A few weeks after releasing his boisterous ad with billionaires and bachelorettes playing football, O’Connell trades in his coaching whistle for a suit, and releases a more traditional ad highlighting his opposition to the stadium bill. Again, O’Connell emphasizes affordable housing and transit as priorities, but this time he adds walkable sidewalks. After leaning into a wonkish persona for years, O’Connell has now played a football coach in one ad and caught a football in another. He’s not going to shed being a nerd anytime soon, but it’s a clever nod to his work against the Titans’ stadium. Is the ad too traditional? Maybe. But there is a certain slice of the electorate who doesn’t respond to humor or metaphor in political ads. This ad gives him some contrast in the form of a less cute appeal to voters who didn’t respond to the first commercial.  

Where people can see it: Broadcast, streaming, online.

Addison Wright, a Nashville native, is a student-athlete (swimming) at UNC Asheville, where she's double majoring in Mass Communications and Political Science in the class of 2024.