YouTube video

Ad: “Closing Argument”

Candidate: Matt Wiltshire

Transcript: Narrator: “11 candidates are running for mayor, but one stands out.” 

Wiltshire: “Nashville is blessed to have good [people running. Here’s what sets me apart. I’m the only candidate who’s worked full-time to make Nashville more affordable. We brought together the public and the private sectors, and in just three years we were able to build over 4,000 units of housing that Nashvillians could actually afford. There’s so much more to do. Imagine what we could accomplish together, with a mayor focused full time on our big challenges, and making Nashville more affordable.” 

Analysis: Wiltshire’s latest ad is essentially a continuation of his last one. Throughout his campaign, one of Wiltshire’s main lines has been pointing to his time as an MDHA executive as providing him with experience that sets him apart from the field. That’s worked to his advantage in an election season dominated by the issue of affordability, particularly in housing. With Election Day coming up in less than a week, this is really Wiltshire’s final effort to try and distinguish himself enough from the pack that he can at least be one of the two candidates who make the runoff. With the exit of Jim Gingrich from the mayoral race, Wiltshire is now the highest-spending candidate, and has greatly outpaced the other candidates in TV ads. We’ll see if it’s paid off next week. 

Where can you see it: Broadcast TV.

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