Incumbent Vice Mayor Jim Shulman managed to nearly triple his opponent’s fundraising numbers in the final weeks of the election season with some help from PACs and a few Metro Councilmembers. 

Pre-General financial disclosures show that Shulman raised $44,166 compared to the $16,209 raised by District 34 Councilmember Angie Henderson, his sole challenger. That being said, Henderson doubled Shulman’s spending, spending $43,254 compared to Shulman’s $20,854 between July 1 and July 24. 

PAC contributions are what really pushed Shulman over the edge, with nearly of his funds coming from PACs representing the Fraternal Order of Police, Comcast, Holland and Knight, the Tennessee Realtors Association, the Nashville Business Coalition, Nashville Firefighters Local 140 and some smaller groups. Councilmember Courtney Johnson and former CM Sheri Weiner, who are both running unopposed in their districts, as well as District 17 Councilmember Jeff Syracuse, who is running for an at-large position, all made smaller donations to Shulman’s campaign. 

While Shulman may have the financial backing and the name ID, Henderson has received support from 10 current councilmembers, six of whom are running for reelection. 

Shulman and Henderson reported $92,504 and $51,026 left on hand respectively.