Freddie O'Connell Credit: Campaign photo

Freddie O’Connell picked up two endorsements on Tuesday at opposite ends of the spectrum.

On one end, you have the Nashville Business Coalition, a more traditional group with ties to the city’s movers and shakers and heads of industry. On the other end, you have The Equity Alliance Fund, a more progressive group that has been working for nearly a decade to uplift Black Nashvillians. 

“Nashville is at a crossroads,” Nashville Business Coalition President Nancy Stabell said in a statement. “We must elect a mayor ready — on day one — to address transit, housing, and other quality of life issues our city faces every day. Nashville must also elect a mayor committed to continuing the momentum of Nashville’s business community. Freddie O’Connell is that mayor.”

While the two organizations may share the same endorsement in the mayoral race, look no further than their at-large endorsements to spot the contrast. Of the eight candidates in the runoff for four at-large seats, the Nashville Business Coalition selected Burkley Allen, Jeff Syracuse and Russ Pulley to receive their endorsement. In contrast, The Equity Alliance Fund endorsed Delishia Porterfield, Quin Evans-Segall and Howard Jones. Olivia Hill, an LGBT activist who seeks to become the first trans woman to serve on the Metro Council, was the only candidate to receive the endorsement of both organizations. 

While the political arm of The Equity Alliance had previously made endorsements in the Metro Council races, they had not yet made a mayoral endorsement. They are the last of the three advocacy groups that make up the Nashville Justice League to make a mayoral endorsement. Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition Votes, the Central Labor Council and now The Equity Alliance Fund have all endorsed O’Connell. 

“The @EquityAlliance1’s work makes Nashville a better, fairer city,” said O’Connell on Twitter. “They are a force in our community for voter mobilization and lifting up voices from communities of color. I’m honored to receive their support.”

The group also endorsed Tasha Ellis, who is currently in a runoff for the District 29 council seat.