Judging by the metrics on our website, one of the things voters want to know about most is the at-large candidates for Metro Council. In the runoff, we’ve already published a thumbnail look at where each candidate is on the major issues. We’ve also asked detailed questions and published full responses on each candidate’s Voter’s Guide page.

Today we’re doing two things. First, all of that information about the at-large candidates is collected on its own page. Second, we’re publishing one-on-one video interviews with all eight candidates. I think it’s important to have a chance to hear them in their own words. We asked enough questions for about a 10-minute interview (some were a little shorter, some were a little longer) and I hope it helps you hear them not only lay out how they would do the job, but gives you a chance to understand how they think. There’s also a full transcript of each interview.

We’ll have longer video interviews with both of the mayoral candidates later this week. 

Sept. 14 At-Large Runoff Guide

Video interview: Burkley Allen

Video interview: Chris Cheng

Video interview: Quin Evans-Segall

Video interview: Olivia Hill

Video interview: Howard Jones

Video interview: Delishia Porterfield

Video interview: Russ Pulley

Video interview: Jeff Syracuse