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Ad: ‘Hope’


Stephanie M: “When I think about what’s next for Nashville”

Jessica W: “Strong neighborhoods in schools where families can thrive”

Michele: “I’m ready for a leader who sees the limitless potential of Nashville.” 

Gary M: “A leader with hope”

Mehmet A: “Freddie O’Connell for mayor.” 

Abby C: “I’m ready for Freddie.”

O’Connell: “When we work together, we can build a Nashville for Nashvillians, safer schools and neighborhoods, housing we can afford, transit that works. I’m Freddie O’Connell, running for mayor, and that’s what I’m ready for.”

Analysis: With a little over two weeks to Election Day, Freddie O’Connell releases ‘Hope,’ which utilizes six different people to carry his message. It’s a softer-toned spot reflective of a campaign clearly playing it safe. If the race were tighter, O’Connell would be forced to contrast himself with his opponent Alice Rolli. The money being spent by Save Nashville PAC on ads like “Another Lying Politician” is not significant enough to warrant a response, either. This ad, instead, focuses on themes that O’Connell has emphasized since launching his campaign 15 months ago: stronger neighborhoods and better transit. If it doesn’t display the same humor that his first spot, “The Ball,” which featured a football game vs. “billionaires and bachelorettes,” it’s also less polarizing as a closing ad. There’s nothing controversial about “strong neighborhoods” and “transit that works.” It’s boring. It’s safe. And it might be just enough. 

Where it’s running: Broadcast and cable

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