Howard School Building, site of early voting.

The pace of early voting for the Sept. 14 runoff is currently double the pace of the Aug. 3 general election. 

Between Aug. 25 and Aug. 31, 30,557 Nashvillians cast their vote in the runoff election between Freddie O’Connell and Alice Rolli for mayor, eight at-large candidates and three district council seats. Comparatively, after six days of early voting in the general election, only 17,150 people had voted

Just like the general, Green Hills Library, which is in a council district that went for Rolli in the general, has by far had the most early voting turnout in the runoff, with Belle Meade City Hall and Hermitage Library following behind. Also just like the general, Casa Azafran Community Center, which is in a district that went for O’Connell in the general election, is lagging behind other polling places, with only 810 votes thus far. 

Belle Meade City Hall7565615977055776553,851
Bellevue Library7735286277235106483,809
Bordeaux Library3532272773492883021,796
Casa Azafran Comm Center155148113149111134810
Edmondson Pike Library7215935687015325953,710
Goodlettsville Com Center2011581781901401621,029
Green Hills Library9567106978416447714,619
Hermitage Library8145406657505616293,959
Howard Office Bldg2641762192641892041,316
Madison Library3733483234163083572,125
Southeast Library2932522252912132571,531
YMCA – Margaret Maddox4183442863332763452,002
DAILY TOTAL6,0774,5854,7755,7124,3495,05930,557
CUMULATIVE TOTAL6,07710,66215,43721,14925,49830,55730,557

Dave Rosenberg, outgoing District 35 councilmember and a political consultant, said that 86 percent of the early vote is by people who voted in the Aug. 3 election. The conclusion? Unlike the first round of voting, these voters have largely made up their minds.

“Mostly just people voting earlier,” Rosenberg said.

The ages of voters are looking similar in the runoff as well. Yesterday, O’Connell tweeted a chart of early voting numbers broken down by age, encouraging young people to go vote. The campaign released a similar chart during the general election early voting with the ratios for voters’ ages nearly identical.