Voter’s Guide

The Race for Mayor

Q&A with Heidi Campbell

The state senator enters the crowded field touting her experience as a legislator and former mayor

Q&A: Jim Gingrich

The former COO of AllianceBernstein on the problems facing the city, including affordable housing, and why he chose to run for mayor

Q&A with Sharon Hurt

At-large councilmember says middle class “voting with their feet” and leaving Nashville as she declares run for mayor

Q&A with Freddie O’Connell

After two terms in the center of the city’s biggest debates, the District 19 councilmember says he is ready to tackle issues from transit to affordable housing to expanding the city’s investment beyond downtown.

Q&A with Alice Rolli

In a town full of Democrats, the Republican hopes to make taxes and crime central to the race

Q&A with Vivian Wilhoite

The Assessor of Property and former councilmember says she is ready to step up to the next challenge

Q&A with Matt Wiltshire

The former economic development and housing executive under four mayors says he is ready to step up to the next challenge

Q&A with Jeff Yarbro

The state senator makes an unexpected entry into the field after John Cooper steps aside

Going Deeper

At Issue: Sidewalks

Nashville needs thousands of miles of walkways, pedestrian deaths are on the rise, and the city lost over $4 million in funding in a federal appeals court ruling. Too many Nashvillians know exactly where the sidewalk ends.

At Issue: Crime

It’s one of the easiest issues to invoke, but one of the hardest to address. Here’s what the next mayor faces.

At Issue: Homelessness

John Cooper brought homelessness to the forefront with a $50 million “housing first” plan, then dropped out of the race. Candidates go on record with their plans.

At Issue: Transit

As Nashville has grown, its transit system has drastically lagged behind peer cities. The next mayor will have their work cut out for them if they’re going to catch up.

At Issue: Education

If candidates want to be the “Education Mayor,” they’ll have to pick their spots. Also, the field goes on the record about Pre-K, vouchers, charter schools, local control and more

Latest news

O’Connell in Transition

ANALYSIS: The mayor-elect suddenly has a very full plate — and a lot of decisions to make — after being focused on just one thing for 18 months

Rolli Hits at DA Over Gun Crimes

ELECTION NOTEBOOK: Stunted debate format leaves candidates with little time to expand on answers; Wiltshire endorses O’Connell

Ad watch

Ad Watch: ‘Change’

Rolli plays it safe with a closing ad that emphasizes a need for a new direction

Ad Watch: ‘Hope’

O’Connell’s closing commercial plays it safe with a range of voices who are ‘ready’

Ad Watch: ‘Closing Argument’

Wiltshire’s final ad emphasizes his experience in affordable housing, but will it be enough to make a runoff?

Ad Watch: ‘One Proven’

Wiltshire leans hard into housing experience in an ad aimed at seniors and middle class

Ad Watch: ‘Single Thing’

Gingrich’s latest ad goes after education and safety voters with some brutal truths from children

Ad Watch: ‘We Will’

After having fun in his first spot, O’Connell goes traditional but nods to his vote against the Titans’ stadium

Ad Watch: ‘Naysayers’

Jeff Yarbro takes aim at Democratic voters with appeals on abortion, gun safety and more.

Ad Watch: ‘Blank Check’

Alice Rolli ties the property tax increase to issues with affordable housing, but there are larger forces at play.

Ad Watch: Arnold Hayes

The former Community Oversight Board member becomes the first at-large candidate to go on TV

Ad Watch: ‘Leader’

The veteran at-large councilmember and community leader’s initial ad is less about policy and more about personality

For a list of all mayor, vice mayor and council endorsements, click here

The Race for Vice Mayor

Q&A with Angie Henderson

The West Nashville council veteran makes her case for a different approach to crafting policy, why she voted against the Titans’ deal and what she wants to change

Q&A with Jim Shulman

After a tumultuous term, the vice mayor makes his case for better public engagement, a different committee process and four more years

The Race for Council

At-Large Council Candidate Profiles

Note: At-large candidates Tony Chapman and Indrani Ray did not respond to repeated requests to answer questions. You can find their disclosures here.

District Council Candidate Profiles

Note: District candidates Deonte Harrell, Brenda Gadd, Rolando Toyos, John Reed, Michelle Vetter, Antoinette Lee and Carson Smart did not respond to repeated requests to answer questions. You can find their disclosures here.